Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I receive a full refund if I withdraw from the program in the first weeks?

A. We are sorry, but there are no refunds.

Q. What are the requirements for completion of the program?

A. Participants must successfully complete the hours of instruction, two years in the program, maintain a 75 Grade Point Average in each Course component and overall GPA (three components combined).

Q. If I fail a class(es) can I come back without paying?

A. Support will be available for a participant whose GPA is falling below 75% in a class(es) in any given quarter. In most cases the student will have to pay the tuition to re-take the program. 

Q. Do students receive report cards?

A. Yes, a report card is issued each quarter.

Q. Can I choose the courses I want to take?

A. Yes. Enroll in the Blue Plan (Auditing option). You pay the regular tuition but you free to attend and listen in on all of the courses and classes. You are not required to do any of the homework or assignments and teachers are not required to grade any of your work. You can monitor but your participation is limited and auditors do not receive certification or participate in the graduation ceremony.

Q. Can I join a waiting list?

A. Yes! Go to the Program Information page and click "Join the Waiting List."

Q. What if I fall behind in my payment?

A. You will have limited opportunity to catch up otherwise you will lose access to classes until you do so.

For Assistance, contact:

Nabeehah Azeez (ILTDP Administrator)

[email protected] or 757-235-5540