New Applicant Resource Page

Welcome to the New Applicant Resource Page. To apply to the training program, review the instructions and then complete the two forms below.


1. Review the payment plans before you apply for enrollment. You can find them on the Home page.
2. Students must be prepared to spend 10-15 hours per week of class time/homework. Please consider this before applying for the program.
3. To open the forms, you will need a Google account. If you don't have a Google account, when you click the link to open the forms, follow the prompts to create your account.

Complete the enrollment application and the student certification form below.

Enrollment Application

Student Certification Referral Form

Important steps for Student Certification Referral Form:
  1. Contact your Imam (if you are an Imam, contact your Section Convener) and explain to him that you are applying for the ILTDP program and ask him to be a reference for you.
  2. If he says "yes," let him know that you will send him a copy of the certification form (which you will receive by email) and that the ILTDP program administrator will contact him to verify his reference.
  3. Complete the form and Submit.
  4. A copy of your certification form will be emailed to you (sometimes takes a little while so you might check back 30 minutes to an hour later.)
  5. The ILTDP administrator will contact your Imam or Convener to confirm his reference.
NOTE: A resident Imam in the Community of Imam W. Deen Mohammed must be your reference to the program. If you are a resident Imam, you must have your referral verified by your section convener.

** You will receive the result of your application via email.